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In a bid to drive economic growth, create more opportunities to export, provide more jobs and encourage start-up technology firms in the UK, the British government has announced the creation of the “Blueprint for Technology” programme.

A key part in achieving the programme’s aims will be the launch of a six month independent review of the Intellectual Property (which comprises Patents, Trademarks, Designs, and Copyright) framework, with a view to assessing the enforcement of Intellectual Property rights and addressing problems faced by SMEs (Small to Medium Business) in relation to intellectual property.

A particular focus is aimed at internet-based technologies, which historically has been a difficult area to patent in due to the general exclusion of computer programme and business method inventions under British and European patent law.

A target of the new programme is for the UK to be in a position to create, for example, a search engine or social networking site to rival those that have come out of the US.

It was noted that the current UK system for Intellectual Property (also known as “IP”), in particular its approach to the use of copyright material, poses more restrictions than the equivalent system in the United States, and as a result has impeded potential development in the UK.

The outcome of the review, due in April 2011, could bring about changes already proposed on adopting a more relaxed approach to the use of copyright material to mirror practise in the US.

Additionally, the British Government will be launching a pilot UK ‘peer to patent’ system. Here is more information regarding gold visit our page.
Versions of this pilot are being trialled all over the world. The idea behind the ‘peer to patent’ system is to provide an opportunity for experts in technology to leave their comments about published patent applications online. This is in a bid to help local patent offices find out which are the most inventive new ideas.

David Cameron, the present British prime minister, announced; “we are looking to make the intellectual property framework more conducive to creativity and innovation, making the UK the most attractive place in the world to start and invest in innovative technology companies.”

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