It Takes the Best Equipment, Music Selection and Mixing Techniques to Be a Great DJ

The rising popularity of dance music in recent years and the addition of the video game “DJ hero” has contributed to an increased interest in DJ’s and demand for the services they provide. While there are many people now that aspire to DJ, it takes a lot more than watching an instructional video on YouTube or playing a video game to be great at it. Whether someone wants to be a dj for clubs, weddings, karaoke, or just as a hobby, there are a few things that are needed. Before one can start dj’ing, the proper equipment is needed to make it possible. Until recently, there were only a couple of different equipment options available; either using a mixer with two turntables, or using basic cd players. Now there are many different choices for dj equipment. Besides using traditional turntables that play vinyl records, there are also set top cd players that allow for pitch adjustment and song manipulation, known as cd-j’s. There is also dj software that allows for mixing music from a laptop, and software that allows for turntables or cd-j’s to manipulate the music through software, such as serato. After having the essential equipment needed to play the music, the next step is getting a sound system so the music can be heard. As in the previous example, there are many different options when it comes to sound equipment, but what is chosen will depend on the setting it will be used in. Sound equipment for DJ’s usually consists of two medium sized speakers, known as monitor speakers, and one subwoofer for bass to start. Of course in some settings, such as a small venue or someone’s backyard, a sub would not be necessary. In a club setting, the venue generally already has a sound system available, but if not, at least one subwoofer would definitely be needed. In addition to having the right equipment, being a good dj also means having a good selection of music. When it comes to this, possibilities are almost endless. Also, as with sound equipment, the music selection will depend on the venue and the crowd that is being played for. Of course someone who is playing in a hip hop club is not going to bring their library of country music with them, and vice versa. While in some cases the boundaries for what type of music that will be played in a particular setting are clear, in others they can be more vague. Some events will call for a mix of almost every genre of music, such as weddings or school functions. Night clubs generally look for specific types of dance music that cater to certain crowds, though the lines between these different types are constantly being redefined. Dance music can be anything from electronica, to hip hop, to combinations of the two, and many others. While there are an almost infinite number of songs that can be played, it takes a good dj to select the right songs, in the right order, and at the right times. While having the equipment and music is vital to being a DJ, these would be nearly worthless to someone who has no ability to use them properly, and this is where mixing techniques come in. There are a lot of different actions that are performed when DJ’ing. Some focus mainly on scratching, beat juggling, and other tricks that are known as turntablism that are mainly used for show.

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