Four Things to Learn Before Posting a Bail Bond for a Loved One

When someone that you love is arrested and thrown into jail, you may consider making their bond and bailing them out. Jail is fun for no one, after all, and can lead to many consequences that leave the person’s life turned upside down.  But, before jumping at the chance to bond a loved one out of jail, learn a few important pieces of bail bond information and make an informed decision.

Not all Bondsman are the Same

Bondsman all help individuals who’ve been arrested get out of jail. However, the similarities stop there. Each bondsman has his own level of expertise and skill, as well as unique personality. Consider the bondsman options rather than hire the first choice.

The Risk

When you sign someone’s bond, you’re guaranteeing their appearance in court. Should they fail to appear in court, the bond is revoked, the person is re-arrested and held until court, and you may be held liable. Ensure that you make bond only for a trusted individual whom you know well.

The Payment Process

how to pay a bail bond

Learn how to pay a bail bond before arriving at the bondsman office.  You’re expected to pay 10% of the bond amount in addition to a small bondsman fee. These fees are non-refundable. Many bondsmen also accept property bonds if the full amount of the bond is unavailable.

Important Information

Bring a driver’s license or ID to the bonding office or to the jail with you when making a bail bond. If making a property bond, bring proper documentation. You’ll need to read over the bond contract and pay the fees and at that point, your loved one is released from jail within a short period of time. To speed the process, know the person’s location, their full name, and their booking or DOC number.