Protect Your Websites From Malware and Hackers Using the Best WordPress Security Plug-Ins

Although there are plenty of WordPress plug-ins available nowadays, which claim to protect your website from different malware and hacker attacks, it is still very important to choose the best WordPress security plug-in that can prevent hackers from inflicting malicious scripts or codes onto your site. To help you with this concern, here are the top three WP security plug-ins that you can use.

Better WP Security

One of the easiest and most effective ways to secure your WordPress site is through the use of the Better WP Security plug-in. This security plug-in takes the best WordPress security features and techniques that can patch as many security holes as possible without removing any important scripts from your site or creating any conflicting features. This works by reducing or hiding the vulnerabilities of your site, such as bad usernames and bad database table prefixes, thus providing roadblock to hackers trying to get sensitive information from your sites such as your login details or admin passwords.

Locker Press WordPress Security

Another most widely used plug-in for securing WP sites is the Locker Press WordPress Security. This one offers a variety of solutions that enables you to modify areas of WordPress, which are normally too difficult to manipulate. Some of its key features are change admin user, email notification of failed login attempts, enable HTTP authentication, enable re-CAPTCHA on login page and change database prefix.

Bulletproof Security

The Bulletproof Security, on the other hand, is specially designed to protect your site from XSS, RFI, CSRF, Base64, SQL injection hacking and code injection. This plug-in is easy to use and quick to learn, allowing you to experience a single-click solution that creates, copies, writes, moves or renames files into the Bulletproof Security (BPS) mater files. It also enables you to activate. htacess security on maintenance modes within your WP dashboard.
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The Need for Upgrading your Plug-in Versions

While the use of these security plug-ins do not guarantee to keep your website free from malicious scripts, malware or hacker attacks for the longest possible time, it is highly recommended for site owners to upgrade their website security plug-ins on a constant basis. This will help reduce or prevent hackers from deciphering and attacking your WP site’s vulnerabilities.

It is also advisable for site owners to use stronger passwords for their admin section, web host control panel and database. Another alternative is they could hire a WordPress security service that has all the knowledge and expertise on handling these problems and meeting their specific needs or requirements.

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