Microsoft Software Currently on the Market

Microsoft is world renowned for many of its software packages such as Windows and Office. Microsoft software is used in every walk of life from sending an email to watching web content to assisting to produce business strategy and creating retail-able applications.

There are currently several operating systems available to purchase that Microsoft manufacture, the newest being Windows 7. For this latest software, Microsoft has received much acclaim which is in stark contrast to their last OS (operating system) release, that being Windows Vista. The other OS being sold is Windows XP.

As discussed the latest version of Windows is Windows 7, the name coming from the fact it is the seventh release of the windows OS range. In recent years the Windows OS has been slated when compared to that of Apple’s Mac OS as the speeds for tasks and boot up and shut off times were much slower, however with Windows 7 Microsoft is finally hitting back. The operating speeds have been increased and the memory the OS takes up whilst performing daily tasks in the background has been greatly decreased meaning you have a smarter more efficient PC.

Vista was Microsoft’s last OS release and unfortunately for them it did not perform to the standards expected prompting the earlier release of Windows 7. Vista provided slower operating speeds and raised a host of security errors which led to many hackers being able to quickly and easily access Vista operated machines. If you’re ready to find more on office 2021 pro plus visit the internet site.
It may be perhaps one of the best Microsoft software on the market.

Windows XP was Microsoft’s last stable OS that performed well, this OS was built using core operating procedures from the well known Windows 98 software. As this OS developed it became more and more stable and provided good security for the user. However as this OS was simply and extension of a previous OS it became more and more difficult to made additions to it without compromising on the speed of the system, which is why Microsoft opted to create Windows 7 from scratch uses new programming techniques and better utilization of current electronic components.

Microsoft Office provides home and business document processing with ease, the latest in the range of Office applications is Office 10 which is soon to be released. Office comprises of several applications word, excel, access, outlook, PowerPoint and publisher. Word is used for word processing and creating text documents to a very high standard. Excel is used to create spreadsheets and can be very powerful in terms of calculating data and producing results in various formats. Outlook can be used as an organizer and an email client allowing you to receive emails from various accounts through one window.

The Apple software usually is adopted by graphic designers and engineers due to the speed of processing that the Mac OS offers but since the release of 7 don’t be surprised to see this figure fall as many turn to Windows. Just remember that both Apple and Microsoft are not cheap software.

Linux software is an open source OS which basically means that you can add functions to it. As such this OS is only used by programmers and people with a good knowledge of software coding and a high level of programming skill.

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