Latest Innovated Technology in Soccer

The latest technology in soccer was brought by several incidents like violent brawls, great stampedes and knock downs and sometimes can result to treacherous battles between avid fans at some soccer matches. Argentina has stipulated to develop an effective way on how to avoid these kind of risks when a soccer game is being held. They thought of employing very high tech equipment that could screen out or filter those troublemakers. The latest innovated system is a best mean of eradicating violent incidents involving radical fans who are often the cause of fights and brawls in soccer games. This could be the best alternative that soccer enthusiasts should consider to secure safety in soccer events.

At the beginning of 2009, the latest technology in soccer through this system is expected to take effect and planned to be used. This system also will be based on biometrics that could recognize persons through their physical characteristics and the basic source would be from their fingerprints.

The process would be: First thing would be to have a registration process for avid fans that aim to watch and enter the stadium.
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This is also mandatory for concessionaires like vendors, also for journalists, police and soccer team employees. Also upon registration, personal and professional information are also obliged to be given and stuffs like photo, signature and fingerprint. Fans are also asked to buy their tickets through a special ATM machine and at the same time pass not only one but two control points before they are granted to enter or watch the game.

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