Goat For Sale – Don’t Let Your Competition Steal Your Chips

Doritos Brand had a brilliant Super Bowl 47 commercial which everyone enjoyed. Here is more in regards to pygmy goats take a look at our own web-page.
A man’s new pet goat had eaten all his Doritos, and then became upset right as the man decided he had no choice but to sell that goat, which was eating him out of house and chips. The goat then came into his room shut the door, and the audience is left to imagine how that goat took care of business and ate the remainder of the Doritos. When I saw this commercial, I laughed and of course all of America was laughing along too.

It reminded me of a popular business book; “Who Stole My Cheese” where the victims had noticed that the cheese they’d come to expect each day wasn’t there anymore, an allegory for perhaps a cash-cow industry, which had been altered due to new innovations in the sector. Quite common, which reminds all of us to continually improvise, adapt, innovate, and lead the field, or else. Or else what you ask? Or else relinquish market share to the competition, in some cases nearly all of it.

Now then, back to the “goat for sale” in the Doritos Super Bowl 47 advertisement. Don’t let your competition get your goat. Rather than being an imitator, be the innovator, and just because your competition is trying something new, doesn’t mean you should follow, the perceived advantage. Indeed, you might find that they are involved in a high-risk, high-gain game of chance, and there is no need to go “all in” with all of your chips on a Hail-Mary attempt to cash in on their game. Run your own game, play to win, and in the end, you’ll be better for it.

This is not to say you shouldn’t know your competition, or know yourself, certainly you should. Rather, you need to one with the game, your team in it to win it, for the right reasons. There is a time to sit back, eat chips, and watch what is happening, and there is a time to make things happen. Well, my fellow entrepreneurs, that time is now, right now. It’s time to commit to excellence, show them what you are made of, and lead the field to the winner’s circle and coveted trophy. When the chips are down, and you need to get it done, you must brave the field, battle the competition, and secure victory.

No, it won’t be easy, nothing good in life is, but winning, especially winning in business is worth the fight, it’s worth the sacrifice, and when you achieve that deserved victory, then you can sit back, have that cake, and eat it too. Then you’ll be holding all the chips at the end of the game. Please consider all this and think on it.

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