Some Essential Preparations for the BBQ Feast

The BBQ is simply one of those experiences most people enjoy, especially in summer when the weather is good and everybody feels like cooking outside. The kids can play in the fresh air while the grownups prepare the food. To cook a BBQ requires some coals – which you normally get ready in a BBQ charcoal starter.

To prepare the coals that you want to use for the BBQ, you will have a choice of what to use: some use wood while many prefer briquettes. These are available with the purchase of your starter or chimney as it is also referred to – and afterwards form various outlets to buy when you plan your next BBQ.

They are actually very easy to use and normally are sold with the manufacturer’s user manual included. What it boils down to is putting some newspaper pieces at the bottom of the starter followed by your choice of charcoal on top of that. You light the newspaper and watch the flames engulf the charcoal. It should take no more than 20 minutes to have the coals ready inside the BBQ charcoal starter.

These you now spread evenly throughout your BBQ grill and you are ready to cook your chicken, red meat, burgers or veggies, depending on the BBQ you’re having. The starter works on the basis of air suction through holes underneath and along the sides of the starter. These holes are designed by the manufacturers to offer maximum air flow for the starter to operate best.

It is also advisable to have your BBQ outside where there is good air flow to aid the process of the air moving through the starter. Some hosts – depending on the size of the party – actually use two BBQ charcoal starters to ensure they have enough coals the moment they start cooking. That way it ensures all the food is cooked at the same time and ready to be enjoyed during the same sitting.

Of course there are other benefits from using these starters as opposed to some older methods. The coals are ready much quicker than they would have been had you used older, more conventional methods; there is no need any more for the use of fire lighters or toxic lighter fluid; you no longer have the fumes and smells of the petroleum products used in these fire lighters and fluid. These are some of the best reasons to start using BBQ charcoal starters.

They come in a great variety in terms of design, manufacturers and the retailers that market them. Some are made from very strong and hardy materials, others less so. And then some are bigger than others and take more charcoal. It all depends on what the buyer wants since there are so many choices.

The stronger, bigger ones, of course, will be a bit more expensive at most shops. That makes sense since they will last longer before the customer has to think about replacement. Maintenance never becomes a problem either since most of these BBQ charcoal starters are designed to fold up easily and therefore they take little storage space. Also, the strong ones last many years if you make sure they are not exposed to the adverse effects of rust on steel, which many of these starters are made from.

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