Getting a Business License – How to Start a company

Obtaining a Business License

Obtaining a business license is critical for a business to open its doors and stay open.
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A business license shows that the business is allowed to operate in a jurisdiction. Without the suitable licenses, the business (and its owners) runs the risk of breaking the laws and regulations governing their businesses which can cause severe civil and criminal penalties for that owners. If the business is included, generally the owners have liability safety which limits the personal risk of financial ruin. If a business owner will not secure the proper licenses, permits plus registrations for the business, he may drop the valuable liability protections provided by the incorporation of the business.

Getting a Business License is Simple and Can Be achieved in One Day

The cost of a business permit can drastically range from $25 to over $125 depending on your city. You should expect to pay a fee each year to renew your license. Get in touch with your local city hall to direct you to the appropriate department.

Some metropolitan areas have a website where you can download and fill out the “Business License” form in advance. This is highly suggested since wait lines in person can vary from the few minutes to an hour depending on where you are. The form may request you supply your corporate filing number. If you have not received your Articles associated with Incorporation back from the state secretary then you will not have a corporate quantity yet. You can also check your state secretary website to see if your corporation will be on file yet. Some towns may require you to apply as an only proprietor and then update your license when you have your corporation number. Other cities may accept a duplicate of your articles, with an understanding of your corporate number to be updated afterwards when available.

When filling out the business enterprise license form you will be asked to offer the address for the physical place of the business and the address with regard to mail to be sent. If your business is a retail store, warehouse, or leased office suite, your physical and emailing address are the same. If you setup the virtual office from a company that provides virtual office services, then your actual physical and mailing address are considered the same because the virtual office address is really a place where you could physically meet your clients. If you chose to rent a private mailbox, then you may have to also provide your house address or wherever your place of business is. This is important to note because the physical business location will appear on your business license and is made available to the general public.

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