Real Estate Leads Make the Realty World Go Round

Property leads are everything to a real estate professional. Without leads, you don’t get clients, without clients, you don’t get paid. When it comes down to it, a real estate agent’s base job is to gather and work his or her real estate leads. These real estate leads go into what professionals call a pipeline or sphere of influence. Your pipeline should NEVER be empty, because if it is, this means you have no way of getting a steady income. An agent spends their time transforming these real estate leads into customers and sellers in order to make their paycheck. For every client that buys or sells a home, you get a commission. In the event you no clients, you’ve got no revenue. It’s a very basic fact.

So the questions remains, where do you get real property leads from? Well, to be honest, an effective agent is ALWAYS gathering leads. You gather real estate leads from recommendations of past clients, from sending out newsletters, postcards, emails, etc . You own open houses for your listings, you talk to anyone and everyone you are able to wherever you are: at a party, with dinner, shopping. The average person moves every single 5-7 years, so the odds are very good that someone you meet nowadays will be selling their home within 5 years. Seems an awful long time to await for a listing, but not if you’ve got plenty of prospects to work in the meantime and you carry on and follow up with said lead until they ARE moving and need a real estate agent. The end result is, a successful agent will getting property leads for themselves everywhere each goes.

Then of course there are the various services out there that SELL real estate prospects, most of them generated online. Companies like GetMyHomesValue, HouseValues, and even RE/MAX will sell prospective real estate leads to real estate agents for a fee. These companies are a great source of prospects, but are often called directly into question for the “quality” of their leads. Often agents will sign up for an organization that generates real estate leads and after that be infuriated that they did not obtain a listing the first month. What should really be called into question is what exactly constitutes a real estate lead?
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Several agents will say “someone who is looking to buy or sell within the next six months to a year. ” That seems like a very narrow definition of the term, and also to be honest, agents who make use of that definition are probably not obtaining tons of commission checks a month. Prosperous agents understand that a real estate business lead is just about anyone who may be able to use their service anytime in the next five years. It’s easy to get the listing of somebody who just has to sell their home within the next 3 months – they’re desperate and will usually use the first agent offered across- the true test of ability comes when trying to convert a customer to your service when they may not be looking to go anywhere for another year or two. Whenever you can convert a client that way, you are likely to be successful with your real estate leads and property in general for years to come.

The sad fact is that 20% of the real estate professionals out there are doing 80% of the business as well as the other 80% of agents around are failing miserably and getting from the business within a few years. They are not ready to build up a pipeline of real-estate leads, no matter how far along the selling/buying process they may be, and they’re not willing to do what it takes to convert these leads to clients.

Real estate is a sales and service industry. If you’re not willing to help your real estate leads even before they become clients, these people not likely to become clients at all. Why should they? There’s always another real estate expert who is more than willing to go the extra mile to get their business.

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