Which Sewing Machine Accessories Should You Buy?

Having your own sewing machine is any designer’s dream come true. You can now make clothing and crafts for yourself in your very own home. It might seem that you’ve got everything you need, but as soon as you start sewing, you would then realize what kind of sewing machine accessories you need.

A basic sewing kit will generally come with most sewing machines. But some of these kits can be bought separately instead. While these are not required, they would certainly make sewing more fun and interesting.

It would also be nice to keep everything organized in a small tool box with different compartments. Imagine pulling out that mini-shelf in your machine, and everything would be scattered instantly. Having them in a toolbox not only keep things organized, it also prevents overloading your machine with heavy stuff.

Here are a few things that one should keep in their shopping list for sewing machine accessories. While you may not get to use all of them, it would certainly not hurt to have them just in case.

Feet and Attachments

There are different feet for attaching a regular zipper, an invisible one, a binding ribbon and so on. There is even a special feet for attaching sequins and trims with protruding details like beads or buttons.
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Newer machines also have a special one-step attachment that lets you make button holes right from your very own machine. This function is usually integrated in the machine but without the right foot, it would not work.

There are also some attachments that convert it into an altogether different device. You can save a lot of money if you buy these attachments instead. Examples of these are the accessories that attach a binding ribbon as a piping and those that create ruffles and gathers from soft fabrics.

Oil or Lubricant

It is essential that the machine gets oiled regularly to keep it running smoothly.


While your basic kit comes with regular needles, you would need different grades for different kinds of fabrics. Depending on the brand, there should be some set standards that they require for denim, knitwear and light fabrics.

Bobbin and Bobbin Case

You need to keep stack of bobbins as you will soon use plenty of colors. Some people try to cut costs by using similar colored threads. But these bobbins are so cheap you can have as much color as you want.


This is quite handy when you want to loosen or tighten the screws of your machine.

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