April 9, 2020

Getting What You Want From Your Web Outsource Employees

It might sound obvious in theory but unless you are 100% organized, and you yourself know in exact detail, what exactly is involved in any project that you outsource, you are going to find it difficult to communicate that information to others.

There are a few different methods available including:

Numbering each aspect of a task or business process step-by-step is one approach. If it is thorough enough that someone else could follow plus implement it without you top them along the way then you are on your way to achieving your web delegate goal of working smarter- not really harder.

For example: suppose your business is selling rugs on eBay. Your own “List Item on eBay Process” might look something like this:

Create listing title including a brief explanation of the rug
Upload a picture from the rug to eBay
Select ‘Display Gallery Picture’ option
Insert sales copy
Set price
Set public sale starting price
Set length of public sale
Set Postage and Packing charges
Review listing to make sure everything is correct
Submit listing
This aims in a clear and easy to understand format, every step that is needed to comprehensive this process.

You could use more, or less, detail depending on the complexity of the job and the level of understanding of the web outsource provider to whom you are assigning the project. In the example over if you are using a person who claims to end up being an expert at placing eBay listings then not all that detail is needed.

Show by Example

Show simply by example is another method. If you are finding a web outsource freelancer to design a web site for you then you need to have an idea in your mind of how you imagine the final item. Take a look at other websites and provide your own designer with links to the websites you like. Tell them what it is you like about each one; it may be the color, the style, the graphics, or how simple it is to navigate for example. The more fine detail you show them the happier the two of you will be. Graphic design also works well with this method. State what you like with a style you have found and also what you would desire different: bigger, blue instead of reddish colored, sharper lines……
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this way you are not making your web outsource designer in order to guess at what you are wanting.

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