April 4, 2020

Regular Office Partitions or Glass Partitioning?

The differences between standard office partitions plus glass partitions may seem clear, but there might be more to it than you think. A glass partition is not just to allow you to call at your colleagues in the next room and there are greater benefits to standard partitions than just privacy. This article will take a look at these points and give you the information you should decide what type of office partitions to use where.

Glass Partitions

Firstly we all look at the advantages of Glass Partitions:

᾿ Aesthetics – One of the biggest appeals when it comes to glass partitions is the slick plus professional look produced, and for a few this might be the only reason to install them. Others may be looking to build a good first impression and a positive working environment for employees.

᾿ Diversity – The range of glass partitioning systems available is huge, and many come in customisable modules meaning you can cater for any size, shape and style to suit your office space. The very best manufacturers of partitions provide unique designs, meaning your needs will be fulfilled perfectly.

᾿ Visibility – One of the most cost efficient and environmentally friendly benefits of cup partitions are that they help to accentuate the natural light available, which can often be limited.
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This can almost always reduce dependency on fluorescent lighting, as a result reducing costs and increasing ‘green’ credentials.

᾿ Low Cost – Implementing glass partitions is a much cheaper alternate than buying fully fitted conventional walls, and on top of this, this kind of partition is easily demountable meaning the layout of your office can easier be altered as your needs change.

᾿ Sound Proof – One more major benefit is the sound evidence nature of modern glass partitions. This can be incredibly important for some firms especially, for example where client confidentiality is vital. Glass partitions can also come with partially or fully frosted glass which enables for enhanced privacy within meetings.

᾿ Motivation – Doing work in an environment where you can easily communicate with co-workers and where natural light is constantly permitted through will almost certainly boost the motivation of the work force, helping to improve work rate, the standard of work and making the office a happy and harmonious place to be.

Standard Office Partitions

᾿ Personal Space – With traditional closed plan office designs, every individual employee will have their own space to work within along with all the equipment they need to go about their work effectively. This should mean that they can operate quiet which can be very beneficial when working to tight deadlines.

᾿ Group Work-Many companies will require that groups work closely together when organising an event, campaign or when seeking to reach a goal. Working in a partitioned office will allow them work carefully and effectively together on the job in hand.

᾿ Design – Once again, the design and aesthetics of these partitioning can be customised to business specifications and preferences, and can be customized to fit into any office space no matter how big, small or awkwardly shaped.

᾿ Affordable – These partitions do not carry all of the longer term financial incentives of glass partitions, nonetheless they are more easily affordable.

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