April 4, 2020

3 car maintenance keys


The workshops want to put their grain of sand to contribute to road safety and minimize the environmental impact of cars, but drivers can do a lot on our part if we take care of our vehicles. Before you start reading the article, checkout Trims.pk for the best performance car engine parts.

  1. Shock absorbers

The shock absorbers provide driving comfort and represent a guarantee of safety as they help control the vehicle at high speeds and in situations of risk. In fact, it is considered one of the three essential components of the so-called “safety triangle”, next to tires and brakes .

The proper functioning of a shock absorber depends on various factors, such as the state of the road, the load of the vehicle, mileage and wear effects such as cold, heat and humidity. The action of these factors causes the effect of the shock absorber to be gradually reduced, until it stops working properly. As it is not a very noticeable wear for the driver , it is advisable to make periodic checks every 20,000 kilometers . Buy Car engine parts in Pakistan

  1. Wiper blades

In case of rain , the windshield wiper blades represent a fundamental role. If they do not sweep well and do not properly evacuate water, (or hail or snow), they prevent precious information from reaching our eyes. A few seconds can be vital.

You can extend the life of the windshield wipers . Of course, when the brushes leave areas to be swept, they originate fogged strangers, make noise or jumps, the time has come to replace them. ASETRA advises as appropriate its change after summer . There is nothing worse for its components than the long days of sun and high temperatures. Now, in addition, they usually incorporate wear detectors very interesting to incorporate.

  1. Filters

You should check them at least once a year . Several types of filters are mounted on vehicles :


Normal engine wear implies the appearance of metal particles that come off the components and will stop the lubricant. The oil filter’s mission is to retain these particles that impair the performance of the engine or even seriously damage it.

Since the oil replenishment periods have been greatly delayed in new vehicles and although the quality of the filters has improved dramatically, it is essential to replace this element every time the lubricant is changed . If you dare to change the oil yourself , you can follow these seven steps.


A filter in good condition ensures that the air that reaches the engine does not contain abrasive particles. In this way, combustion is carried out in the best conditions and fuel consumption is maintained at the levels included in the vehicle catalog, as is the case with polluting emissions.


It is important that the filter is always checked in vehicle maintenance operations. The end of his life depends a lot on the places through which he circulates. Hence, in case of walking on dusty roads usually, it is necessary to proceed much more frequently to its replacement than if driving through much cleaner environments.

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