April 1, 2020

Direct Selling Games

FUN is the single most important thing for your success of your shows. If you are creating a hard time scheduling more shows that is a sign that you are not providing enough FUN at your shows. When people have FUN you will have a full calendar. Making sure that you are organized enough to relax at he show is essential to you having FUN. When you have FUN then your guests will have Thrilling they will invite you to their house. Games can be the answer to FUN, or they can be considered a bore by the visitors.
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Do not assume that a game is always the answer to FUN. People will tolerate a lot and there is one thing they do not accept it is being bored. If you are playing show games, and possessing a hard time scheduling shows, then maybe you have to reconsider the effectiveness of the game, or whether your hosts and guests are enjoying the games. There are several games to play at direct offering parties and the important thing is to be sure that they are serving four purposes:

Sell product
Schedule shows
Share the opportunity
Provide value to the participants
I actually say that FUN is the key to show success because FUN is a commodity that individuals put value on. When you establish value at your shows then your business will roll along forever. Fun has huge value! If your visitors are enjoying the games you might be playing at your home party plan company show, you will know it because the other 3 purposes will be benefiting too. For home party games that provide value and also give you more sales, the ability to schedule more shows and also create more interested leads to sign up because sales consultants go to Direct Sales Games

Deb Bixler retired from the business world in 1999 to enjoy life as an entrepreneur. In the first 9 a few months as a direct seller she replaced her corporate business salary of $80, 000 per year. Deb accomplished the top honors offered in her company in personal sales every year intended for 7 years in a row and earned the President’s Club 5 of those 7 years.

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