February 26, 2020


Gas rebates. Everyone is looking for them. You will find thousands of sites online that will market you on the idea of applying for one more credit card. They are enticing you with the fact that you could get some cash back when you buy gas.

If you are serious about getting cash return when you buy gas, there is one type of rebate program that is far superior to others. That is the customer loyalty rebate program.

Customer loyalty rebate programs reward you for being a loyal customer. If you continue to purchase gas using one brand, you can get cash return. Not just a small amount of cash back but a great deal of cash back.

When I say a great deal of cash back it can be as much as 20 to 25 percent.
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Compare that to the 1, 2, or even 5 percent that you can get from a gas rebate credit card. That is a significant difference.

This is how the customer loyalty rebate works. You sign up with a certificate or a specific password that you get through merchants offering customer loyalty rebates. When you register you designate which brand you are going to use. For example you could select Exxon or Shell or any other train station or brand you want to use. If you use the same one you select for the rewards, it can be any brand or station you want.

Once you are registered you continue to buy gas just like you did before. Just make sure it is at the brand stations you selected when you authorized. Save your receipts. When you accumulate hundred buck in receipts in a month, you send in the receipts with a coupon you printed when you registered.

Within two to four weeks after submitting your receipts, you will receive a pre-paid Visa card in the mail. The prepaid Visa card will have a value of $25. So you get back $25 for the $100 in receipts a person sent in. That’s a 25% rebate!

Obtaining cash back for your gas purchases is excellent. What makes it even better is that you don’t have to get a new credit card to do it. No credit application, no credit check, don¡¯t worry about your credit status with no adding to your debt.

Customer loyalty rebates have nothing at all to do with credit. When you get a certificate from a participating service provider, all you have to do is sign up. Similar to rebate, there are certain terms and conditions you need to meet up with but they are usually very easy to work with.

If you prefer a great way to get cash back for you gas purchases, customer loyalty rebate programs will give you the best overall return. You will enjoy up to 25% cash back and you is not going to need a credit card!

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