February 21, 2020


This one is for all those people who dread a credit card. People who are generally not very happy about the problems associated with a credit card generally ought to get aware of the ‘Cash Back’ rewards that most of the credit cards are providing now.

You thought buying only meant spending money? Well, with additional and more players in the credit card market, the competition to lure the customers is only growing intense. Credit Card companies keep picking out new and innovative ideas to get an one up with them. Rewarding absolutely free themes for the usage of their card is one such tactic that keeps both parties happy.

What is a Cash Back Reward?

The credit card companies give an incentive towards the customers for spending more on their own card with a cash return confidence. This cash return is normally a set percentage of the total purchase made and is credited to your card. The particular purchases that are rewarded with cash return are the ones made in one invoicing cycle.

How does it Work?

The Cash Back Reward program on a card works on various conditions. You might need having a total balance due equal to or more than a fixed amount. The cash back you get also can depend on the type of purchase you make. Most of the credit cards give a maximum return of up to 5% on your purchases however it may even be less for certain kinds of purchases such as groceries etc . the amount that you get as being a cash return is credited for your card and reduces your complete balance. Some select cards may even give you a much higher cash return on different conditions.

What to Look for in Cash Back Card?

There are a few things that you need to look for while choosing a cashback credit card To begin with check the application, processing and yearly fees on it. Then find out some other conditions like minimum balanced required and the amount of purchase that you need to create in order to get a return. It should not be so you go through a lot of fees and charges just to realize later that you may not even be making as many purchases.

Furthermore check if you do make the kind of purchases it requires getting the maximum cash back. For instance, a card might be giving you higher cash back on purchase of jewellery but you might not want to buy jewelry in a near future.
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In such a case, it would not be really worth going through unnecessary charges and get some thing you might not use.

Good to Know

You must also know that you do not get a cash return on balance transfers, accumulated stability due to late fees and fund chares and also cash withdrawals. In most cases, returned merchandises and fraudulent transactions also do not earn cash back rewards. The only thing you should keep in mind however is that you simply must read the terms and conditions very well prior to applying for a cash back card. In case you are the kind of consumer who uses the particular credit card more often and satisfies all the conditions then, a free lunch is definitely a good thing!

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