April 1, 2020


People who have spoken to fluent or native English speakers will have heard them tell of the benefits of learning English in an English speaking country. The benefits of this are obvious. Providing you experience, or have daily communicative contact with English speakers, there is no doubt that this can enhance and speed up becoming a great English speaker. You will find yourself within typical everyday situations, where you need to understand and communicate in The english language. You are likely to find yourself in embarrassing situations, to make mistakes, frequently misunderstand, or neglect to understand completely. This can often result in frustration and create an urge to test harder and commit more time to learning English. This can often have quite effective results.

Learning English in a no English speaking country

Sometimes, learning English in an English speaking country is not possible. Instead, you have to do it whilst remaining in your home country. Nevertheless , the results are often somewhat different. Input is often restricted to what you are exposed to in the classroom. Progress can often be slow and you will often find enthusiasm wanes following the novelty has worn off. This is because outside of the classroom, there is no need to converse in English. The closest you get to this is through completing your homework, yet often you will find this becomes a chore. Unless you are blessed with dogged determinism plus enthusiasm, many of us will forget about learning English until we step into the classroom again the following week.

Other benefits of learning English within an English speaking country

Not only really does learning English in an English talking country improve your general language learning encounter, it also exposes you to other key elements attached to language learning. This includes the culture, the people and the overall functions showing how certain countries do things. You will become familiar with the food people eat, when and exactly how they eat, how people invest their free time, what people choose to invest their money on and how a lot things cost. The list is countless. It can provide you with an opportunity to really observe how English speaking people live and provide you with an opportunity to see if you would like to live and work there your self either permanently or temporarily in the future.

Making English speaking friends

If you spend a lot of time learning English within an English speaking country, you are most likely to make friends with native English speakers. You will go out with them, consume with them and experience all the things that they experience in their daily lives. This kind of interaction is especially good for learning the more informal aspects of the English language, like accent and dialect, proverbs and other “-ism’s” found in the British Language. You are only likely to learn these if you hear them spoken by a native speaker and are comfy enough to ask what they mean. This is a very important part of becoming a progressive English speaker, as there are numerous these that are used frequently in everyday conversation amongst native audio speakers.

How to learn English in an The english language Speaking Country

Many of you will be considering this is easier said than done. Going abroad costs a lot of money, and even once you’re there, issues of where you will stay and what you will do whilst learning to speak The english language will be on your mind. Fortunately, there are many techniques in place to facilitate this process.
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