February 26, 2020


Accoustic Ceilings are an inexpensive way to decrease the height of a room and also soften noise in the room. Nevertheless , reduction of noise isn’t the only reason to use an acoustic ceiling in an office environment. It can also be used to hide computer wires, pipes or other things you would rather not see.

If your reading this in an office you may be below an acoustic ceiling right now instead of even have know it. Usually you can inform one of these ceilings by the square ceramic tiles and popcorn like texture. However no longer are they only available in that consistency they now come in plenty of designs and colors for the average person to feel comfortable bringing them into their house or business.

The Underwriters Laboratories created six different ratings with regard to sound absorption and you should take them into account when choosing your acoustical ceiling tile.
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The rating can be found on the package label with the symbol UL alongside it.

First is the “Noise Reduction Coefficient” (NRC) which is a rating of the sound absorption of the tile within an enclosed space. This would be important for an office or the customer contact area of a shop such as a checkout line.

The measure of speech noise reflected around office fixtures and wall partitions, like a cubicle is called the Articulation Class (AC) and should be taken into consideration inside a cubicle area.

Sabin is an audio absorption measurement for within a design space and is mainly important much more open areas.

Ceiling Attenuation Course (CAC) gives us the way of measuring airborne sound absorbed through the ceiling tile and is rating needed for inner surface designers of doctor offices.

PI or Privacy Index is used to rate the amount of privacy provided by the particular ceiling tile. It is determined by in the event that PI is greater than 95% you are able to feel comfortable speaking confidently between 80% and 95% you would have simple privacy where someone would have to be listening to understand and less than 80% is considered poor in terms of privacy.

The Sound Transmission Class (STC) gives us the rating of the barrier in order to sound created by a wall, in between floors or other partition. The STC rating of 55 or above is considered a great barrier associated with sound.

Inside your home or office they could be used for quick fix on that room you don’t feel the best about or to quite down a child’s enjoy area. There are a few “Do it yourself” websites out there but when it comes to something requiring this type of work you should employ a commercial contractor.

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