April 1, 2020


As it pertains time to choose a new sewing machine there are many things you might be looking for, this kind of was the case when I purchased the Brother SE400, I really wanted a machine that had a lot of functions but did not have the exorbitant amount of money many of the high end machines cost. With that in mind I found that the Brother SE400 got everything I was looking for and a few factors I was not.

1)Affordable – One of the best things about the Brother SE400 inside my mind that it was affordable for the kind of sewing machine it was. It failed to cost a fortune but at the same time it offered me everything I was looking for, of course at the end of the day I was more worried about what it would sew like than anything else.

2) Full of Easy to Use Features – One of the things I noticed most about sewing devices as I looked at the reviews has been how hard so many of them were to set up. Simple things like threading the needle, setting the bobbin and adjusting the thread tension caused people more grief than they ever should have. The Brother SE400 was designed to be easy to use right out of the package with very little reading required. The particular diagram for threading is right within the machine, so if you go long periods without needing your machine as I do, you won’t have to look it up each time.

3) Computerized Precision – This was our first computerized sewing machine and I found myself a bit concerned about regardless of whether it would really make a difference. Computerized is not often better, but what I found is that my new sewing machine was as accurate as a machine will get, and was super simple to set up. I found the LED screen a piece of cake to use and loved how perfect my stitches came out.

4) Embelleshment Function – OK I have to acknowledge, this was a large part of the reason I purchased this machine, I have always wanted to have a sewing machine that allowed me to embroider, what simpler way is there to make your own Presents or to personalize something special? The embroidery function on the Brother SE400 was wonderfully easy to use, I did have to play with the tension a bit but it required less than 30 minutes to get the hang from it.

5) Sews Like a Dream – OKAY this is what we all look for in the end right?
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I love this machine because it makes me look good, I am not an professional seamstress and I do not spend hours a day sewing sew I required a machine that will give me the perfect sewing experience and this one had been it. If you wonder if a better sewing machine can make a difference in your stitching I am here to tell you it may.

The Brother SE400 is a balance of affordable technology and sewing precision, for those that want to take their particular sewing to the next level but cannot afford thousands of dollars to do so the Sibling SE 400 will offer them anything that they need in a sewing machine.

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